Massiv Wheels

Massiv Wheels is one of America’s most important manufacturers of wheels, tires and related parts and accessories. Massiv Wheels continue to define the narrative as well as raise the standard in the production of a diverse range of wheels and tires for cars, SUVs, trucks, hatchbacks and articulated vehicles.
Continuous research and development ensure that Massiv Wheels offer great flexibility in user models and specifications. With Massiv Wheels, customers can access superior design teams that offer customization of manufactured pieces. Massiv Wheels continue to other compelling features such as:

Intricate Design (Aesthetic)

Massiv Wheels comes in trendy and hip rim designs, which are a great complement to vehicles they adorn.
The designs incorporate elements such as customer preferences, material availability and adaptability, cutting-edge technology, research as well as market trends.
Customers also have the option of requesting custom wheel designs, while counting on uncompromised service performance and delivery.
Wide Range of Styles and Grades

Massiv Wheels continues to place customer satisfaction at a premium. To this end, the wheel manufacturer has in stock, a broad spectrum tires and wheels, with target specifications and applications. These options take into consideration the kind of vehicle, operating environments/terrain and material suitability.
Examples of wheel/tire types include 922 Swerva with chrome finishing(20-24 inches), 923 Spline Black chrome with accents, 917 Tusk chrome with machined face and 920 Turbino with chrome accents(20-26 inches) among others.

Production Material

Massiv Wheels never compromises on quality. To this end, this wheel manufacturer uses only the best materials in the production process. One such material is the proprietary, patented machined 6061- T6 forged Aluminum. This material results from the efforts of continuous research and development, undergoing series of tests and service environment evaluations.

As a consequence, this material gives Massiv Wheels their characteristic lightness, strength and durability- hallmarks that customers trust and expect.

Production Techniques/Routes

At Massiv Wheels, the belief is that the process is just as important as the product itself. The engineering, modeling and design stages rest on a team of experts and specialists that use the latest tools and software every step of the way.

Customers can expect solid and reliable wheels from production processes including forging and machining among others. These processes enable Massiv Wheels to come in various profiles including one-piece and multi-piece forging and casting. Specifically, customers can access wheel with details such as machined face profiling, concave and convex profiling as well as undercut pinstripes.

These wheel profiles/schemes adapt to the peculiar needs of individual vehicles and are suitable for work in any terrain/environment.


Massiv Wheels comes from the stable of an advanced engineering workshop and assembly line. This state of the art facility is staffed by competent personnel, who give form and substance to the work of the research and development team.