Financing Rims VS Paying Cash

Since early 1900, there has been an upsurge in the demand for car wheels, especially those that look flashy, classy and trendy. The reason for this, however, is not so farfetched, car wheels are vital to car handling and performance. This singular fact has led most car enthusiasts to opt for latest, trendy and more advanced wheels.

The beauty of latest wheels is that they do not only improve the cars’ handling and performance but invariably change the look of the car. Nonetheless, when it comes to choosing the right wheels, you need to know the best ones for your car.

You need to have an idea of different types of car wheels, their prices, and performances. To this end, there are different high-performance wheels on the market, this array of wheels range from beautifully polished alloy wheels to trending chrome spinning wheels. There is a number of reason why people switch to these wheels, for some ardent car enthusiasts, it is about appearance, for others who want a sporty look, it is more about speed. Whatever your reason, manufacturers have dedicated classy cache of wheels and rims that meet your exotic taste.

Alloy wheels and rims are the best wheels for speed enthusiasts who are concerned about the performance of their car, this is because alloyed wheels are specifically designed to help eradicate overheating of the brake system and are good for city traffic. For the sports enthusiast, installing larger wheels and rims is guaranteed to improve both the balance and speed of your car.

However, buying these classy, trendy and high performing wheels do not come cheap, the price for this wheels are utterly staggering depending on the brand you opt for. Car wheels from brands like Lexan I Big Johnson cost a whopping sum of $8,000; others like the Giovanna brand have packages that cost almost $10,000. Yet, brands like Eagle and American Racing offer cheap well-performing rims and wheels.

Hence, having located the perfect wheels that suit your style and car, the next thing you need to figure out is the right way to consummate payment. While most people opt for financing rims, quite a few people are willing to pay cash, nonetheless, whatever payment option you settle for has its advantage and disadvantage and is also dependent on the type of wheels you are purchasing, how long you want to own it, how much cash you have stashed away.


The benefits of paying cash for your wheels and rims are innumerable. Paying cash eliminates interest cost and finance charges, which may add extra thousands of dollars to your wheel purchase price. Secondly, when you pay cash for your wheels, you do as you please for as long as you like.

Paying cash also makes it easier for you to sell your car, anytime you so desire. The downside of paying cash is that you might end up in financial trouble as a result of biting too hard into your savings.


Most Americans opt for financing, obviously because financing puts lets pressure on their savings, making it possible for them to pay in installment for their wheels within a set number of months. Usually, financing is made available by banks, credit unions, automakers. Technically, through financing, you are basically paying for your wheels using someone else’s money, making it possible for you to use your savings for other things.

However, the downside to financing rims is that you will end up paying more for your wheels than you would when you pay cash; secondly, the amount of loan you get for financing rims depends on your credit rating.

There is no gain saying that latest trending and high performing wheels are a must-have for a car enthusiast, however, you must endeavor to choose the right wheels for your car as choosing a wrong wheel would be a total waste of cash and it will affect the performance and handling of your car. Also, you need to consider your payment options as opting for a wrong payment option might eventually leave you bankrupt.