Can Custom Rims Increase Your Car Value?

The rims may be the least important thing on your car from your own point of view, or at least that was what I felt many years ago after getting my first ride. Only after you plan to ditch your car for a new one will you come to appreciate the rims. Let’s see ways in which your car rim adds to your car value and what this means for the average car owner.

Rims are made from a number of materials. The choice of the material not only affects the appearance of the rims but also the strength, weight and durability of the rims in question, and the overall value of the car. These are the most commonly used rims today:

Steel rims

Rims made from steel are often the most affordable and may come with hubcaps.

Aluminum alloy rims

These are some of the most popular choices to bridge the importance of affordability and durability, while still being stylish.

Carbon fiber custom rims

Rims made from this composite offers lightweight design and durability.
So, there are different types of wheels, and they will obviously make different statements when fixed on your car.

Why Rims Matter in Shoring the Resale Value of Car

You should give extra focus to the rims of your car because they provide an aesthetic first-time impression on any potential buyer. You can change the style or size and create a fresh outlook for the vehicle. Depending on the intent, bigger rims could effectively make a car appear immense or sportier, while smaller rims could create a more subdued outlook for the vehicle.

Custom Rims also serve other functions that go beyond making your vehicle look appealing. A good set of car rims enhances its performance and provides a smoother riding experience. Changing the size of the rims on your vehicle has a positive effect on the alignment, handling, braking, and acceleration as well as the calibration of the speedometer.

So what’s the point? The rims are the first things a potential buyer gets to check, so why not give that first impression that would add some dollars to your car value?

So, are you planning to sell that car? Do you think new custom rims will do the magic you want? Why not take a look at these 5 tips from the experts, follow the guidelines and see how much more your little baby with four wheels will worth when it enters the market.

  1. Ensure that the new rim sits suitably in the wheel-well.
  2. Take into consideration the correct backspacing, which are the width of the wheel and the location of the mounting plate.
  3. Ensure that the rim is a match for the vehicle’s bolt pattern.
  4. Determine if there is an adequate selection of tires to fit the rim.
  5. Ensure that the rims don’t make contact with any other parts of the vehicle.

NOTE: You should work with professionals in choosing new rims in order to select a design that is suitable for your car, one that will match the car’s pattern and send the right message to the buyer.